Art Yin Yang Time

Art Yin Yang Time


The tajitu symbol (referred to in Western world as the yin and yang) from Taoism reminds us that seemingly opposing forces can be connected and even complimentary.

Yin relates to the feminine, dark, and passive quiet movements.  Yang relates to light, active, energetic activities such as parties.  The dots in each side represent the component of the opposing force in each half. 

Represented in a circle, it represents the essence of balance in all things.  

Wear the tajitu symbol when you are seeking balance in your life - compassion for others when life is easy and full, and remembering when times are tough that, like the soft lines of the yin and yang, life is in constant flux.  There is always a bit of the opposite in everything.  

Yin/Yang Tajitu art with glass cabuchon.  Simple yet effective.  

Compatible with Standard Collection (18-20mm), not compatible with mini collection




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