Chakra Stone Wrap Bracelet - Rose Quartz Heart

Chakra Stone Wrap Bracelet - Rose Quartz Heart


Pink and feminine rose quartz wrap bracelet doubles as a necklace.  This elegant, simple yet classic wrap bracelet is the perfect backdrop to your personal accents.  

Both Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine are crystals associated with the heart chakra. Wearing Rose Quartz and Green Aventurine will help you open your heart, balance your energy, dissolve anger, fear and resentment, and increase romance.  

Combine Rose Quartz with an essential oil snap medallion to combine crystal healing with aromatherapy.  Or, customize a snap medallion to connect your intentions and goals, especially as they relate to loving yourself and others.

Upload your own design to make a custom snap medallion, or use our designs and customize with your word.  You can still personalize your bracelet with our in stock designs of snap medallions - choose a dragonfly if you are going through a transition, and owl if you are seeking wisdom, or tree of life for abundance and growth.

This wrap bracelet has 6mm rose quartz stone beads with accent beads - one 10mm Green Aventurine and an orange agate.  



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