Mini Sea Turtle

Mini Sea Turtle


“See the turtle of enormous girth, on his shell he holds the earth. If you want to run and play, come along the beam today.”
Stephen King, The Waste Lands

Turtles are a symbol of Mother Earth for First Nations.

Turtles can be used to remind you to stay grounded, slow down.  
Persistent and remarkably strong, turtles can anchor you to your need to persevere, and supply emotional strength.  Sea turtles travel a great distance, which you may use in your own long quest - but also with patience, as all things come in due time.

The turtle's shell can give you comfort in knowing that it is protective, reminding you to create a symbolic shield to protect your inner peace.

This mini antiqued brass turtle will be your totem to carry when you seek guidance from his special strengths.

Compatible with mini collection (not compatible with Standard 18-20mm collection)



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