Mini Dragonfly Mist - Blue

Mini Dragonfly Mist - Blue


Stunning blue minimed with a delicate raised silver dragonfly flitting among a bouquet of light blue crystals.  A great choice to remind us of spring after a long winter.

Perfect on earrings or a ring, and a versatile and delicate look on a pendant.

Dragonflies are universally a strong symbol of transformation and change.  Due to a dragonfly’s short life cycle, they symbolize living in the moment, and living life to the fullest. 80% of the dragonfly’s brain is used for sight, representing vision, and the ability to see beyond limitations, beyond materialism to understand the deeper meaning of life.

Wear the dragonfly when you need a reminder of change, to be strong in the face of metamorphosis, and the need for flexibility.  Wearing the dragonfly can remind you to strive for emotional and mental maturity.  With such aerial lightness, the dragonfly can remind you to take life less seriously, have a positive outlook and lighten up.

Many people have told me that a dragonfly is particularly symbolic of a departed loved one, much like some Native American traditions.

Compatible with mini size (12mm), not compatible with Standard 18-20mm jewelry



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