Custom Medallion Customer Upload
Custom Medallion Customer Upload
Custom Medallion Customer Upload
Custom Medallion Customer Upload

Custom Medallion Customer Upload


Make a medallion with your own image!  

Upload your image here and we will handmake a medallion of the image provided.  Keep in mind that the image will be printed on an 18mm (0.75") size.  You can upload a square image, and we will apply our circle template over the top (You will lose any corner image or designs).

So, if you have a picture of your dog and want it on a medallion, no problem!  Just upload the pic and we will do the rest.  Make sure there is a generous amount of image around the featured pic. If puppy's head is right at the top of the image it is hard to use.  See examples below:

1.  Bad Image - no room above Yoshi's ears.  the ears will be cut off.

2. Better image - more room to trim the photo to fit and crop as desired.

Do you want to add text or graphics to your image?

1.  Use Canva or PicMonkey (I like PicMonkey because of the "Shape Cutout" feature with a circle so you can see what your final design will look like in a circle). Use PhotoShop if you are a design rockstar!

2.  Upload your photo to Canva/PicMonkey in a square shape (for Canva I use custom dimensions of 6 inches x 6 inches - if you pick a square template the resolution might not be as good.  For PicMonkey choose "design" then choose the "Square" option)

3.  Add text/graphics/images etc to your heart's desire.  Please see the related sites' help sections for design support, your tech questions are best left to the pros :-)
**Please keep your design in a square shape or a circle shape with lots of space around the featured design.  The actual image to be centred and visible should only occupy about 70% of the field.  I need some space around your design to allow for a "bleed" edge.  If you keep the margins too tight then you might see some white around the edges.**

4.  Save your spiffy new design in highest resolution possible.  

5.  Upload your image here, add to cart, pay and wait by the mailbox for your creation to arrive!  Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. I'm pretty fast but you know how it goes with handmade stuff :-)

 *we usually ship custom products within a week of ordering



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