Silver (Polar) Bear

Silver (Polar) Bear


Give me strength, Bear!  Make like a Viking, but instead of wearing a bear skin to appear powerful you can wear this beautiful shaped Bear snap medallion.  Seems way more civilized to me.  

The Bear is a powerful totem or spirit animal, connected to the earth with power and strength.
The Bear is a great reminder to stand for your beliefs or your truth.

The Polar Bear specifically has other meanings -  possibly to guide you between the living world and the spirit world.  Polar bears are fierce yet playful, reminding you to stand strong but not take yourself too seriously.

Available in other colours.
This medallion is slightly larger than most, and part of the medallion may extend beyond the edges of the socket.  Careful on a bracelet to avoid catching.

Compatible with Standard Sized (18-20mm) Jewelry, not compatible with Mini Collection.



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