Personalized intentional jewelry

Achieve your goals in 2017

Seeing your goals has been proven to help you achieve them.
Wear your intention or goal for free on our beautiful jewelry to keep you connected.

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2017 IntentionsKeep your intention for 2017 visible with a beautiful and versatile custom bracelet, with your own word. Semi-precious stones on a strong elastic base are selected to balance your chakra energy.
Change your intention?  Change the inexpensive snap medallion and keep the bracelet. The versatile wrap bracelet converts to a necklace.  We even have essential oil diffuser snaps to combine your aromatherapy practice with your intentions.

My Yoshi-Bella chakra bracelet makes it easy for me to focus on what is important, each day, to make sure my energy is flowing in the right direction. Clocking off? Change out your intention snap for a different beautiful snap design.  Fashion meets Function - Intentional Jewelry.



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