• Is it impossible to imagine a business that will give you the flexibility you need?
  • Do you think a flexible job means peanuts pay?
  • How does reporting to a boss make you feel?
  • Do you feel unenthusiastic about working for a multi-level marketing company where it’s all about the up/down line and recruiting new reps?

What if I told you about an opportunity that provides high earning potential with flexible hours and a simple commission structure. Be your own boss, and don’t spend your time recruiting others.  

without any startup stress

Sell where you want. You can sell at home parties, booths at events, to fundraising groups or at farmers’ markets – find your groove and make it work for you

When you become a Yoshi-Bella Businesswoman, you are becoming an entrepreneur. Sound scary? It’s not! The brand is established, the product is proven, and all that is left is the gravy. Set your own hours, and work as much as you want. Earn an unbelievable commission, have fun selling an affordable and fantastic product, and best of all, report to nobody except yourself. You won’t have to worry about rent, the US dollar or carrying inventory.

When you become selected to be a Yoshi-Bella Businesswoman, you will be joining a small but fun team of women who love to work on their own terms

will be handpicked by our Team

to maintain the integrity of our culture and values. We strive for authenticity and transparency, and accept only women who share these values.

You can earn money in a number of ways; home parties, community booths, clubs and events, farmer’s markets and more (only online direct sales are prohibited). Yoshi-Bella is not a multi-level marketing company, there is no up/down line, and you are not expected or asked to recruit other Businesswomen. We want you to succeed, and you are the best person to know what your customers need

You will earn a generous 40% commission on each sale, with no upfront financial investment (just a deposit for the kit).

  • 50% off one item and $15 credit for product with every $100 in sales,
  • or $10 cash for every $100 in sales, that can be used for group fundraising, charity or extra cash for the hostess
  • You are free to use your generous commission to market any additional promotion that fits your customers and their wants and needs. Tailor your promotions so they sell!

we are only accepting a limited number of businesswomen

We want to be able to work together not compete against one another. Our Closed Facebook group for Yoshi-Bella Businesswomen will give you the support and encouragement to take your business and run with it. Online support such as sales support, downloads and templates will be available to help you run your business with ease. Your kit is worth $750 retail, and all we ask is a $250 deposit (plus shipping). When you sell $2000 within the first three months, we will return the $250!

Run your own business and see how you like punching your own clock. Work when you want, where you want, and with whom! Imagine your first 40% commission in your pocket before summer vacation. For a $600 party that’s $240 in your pocket!

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Still unsure? We get it, you don’t know us at all and it seems like a big step. You might be wondering if you want to sell jewelry, and if you will make any money. Our risk free trial is a fantastic way to get in on the ground floor of a hot new trend, and build your business confidence with support. As we grow, our terms may change, so this may be you only opportunity to get this commission structure.

a chance or a new challenge

then Yoshi-Bella might not be the right fit for you. But if you are just feeling a bit nervous, like you did before you walked into the restaurant on your first date, or picked out that puppy, or tried skydiving for the first time….tell your lizard brain who is trying to keep you safe that you appreciate his concern, but you got this! Let’s build your business together!

Who is a great fit for Yoshi-Bella?

You are a great fit for Yoshi-bella if

  • You are looking for extra income
  • You are open to new experiences and challenges
  • You are of any age (age is irrelevant!)
  • You have a can-do mindset
  • You love connecting with other women
  • You are looking for a business without the worries like rent, overhead, salaries and inventory
  • You don’t want to report to a 20 year old boss at a coffee shop

Your lifestyle right now is probably comfortable enough, which is why you don’t already have a part time job. Would some extra money go a long way to enjoy that trip, buy those shoes, or splurge on your pets, guilt free?

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If you have ever dreamed about being an entrepreneur but did not know where to start, this is your chance. Startup your business without all the stress and headache of truly starting from scratch and earn a whopping 40% commission from the start We support parboiled entrepreneurs here. That’s why our entry costs are structured so that you can stretch into your discomfort zone without any risk.

that more than matches the effort you put in

Work a little or a lot, or work in sprints before school holidays. Start a business you can run on your terms, your way, with authenticity and compassion. You are starting on the ground floor with a rapidly growing and trendy jewelry line. Our product is fun and affordable, women love interchanging the medallions and trying out new looks. We specialize in custom medallions for individuals, sports teams, corporations or fundraising groups*. A generous commission structure, with no aggressive tactics for recruitment or sales, with a low refundable deposit for your kit equals a risk free opportunity to branch out of your comfort zone.

Once you meet me and the team at Yoshi-Bella, you will see that we are just down to earth women. We are a small company, established in Calgary in 2013. We wanted to offer a fun product to friends and make some money in the process. I even call myself the CWWO – Chief Win Win Officer, well, because I can! See how great this no-boss stuff is? And with our values of authenticity and transparency, my mission for Yoshi-Bella is to support other women and build solutions where everyone benefits.

*different commission structure applies to wholesale or fundraising commissions

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