Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are these magnetic?  
A: No they attach by a "snap" mechanism, like a jeans button snap or a rugged snap on a jacket.

Q: Can I buy these somewhere other than online?
A:  We attend many shows in the Calgary area, and have retail and Personal Shopping partners.  Contact us to find out if there is a retailer in your area, or to find out what shows we will be attending.  We usually promote our events on

Q:  What is the jewelry made from?
A:  If not indicated, the jewelry is made from a high quality lead free zinc alloy.  If silver plated or stainless steel, it will be indicated in the product description.  You will notice a large selection of stainless steel chains if you have concerns with the alloy.  In some stainless steel bracelet and necklace products the base for the snap mechanism is an alloy.  If you aren't sure about a specific product please contact us!

Q:  What if the product is defective?
A:  If you have any problems with the Yoshi-Bella jewelry please contact us and we will try our best to make it right.  
If the product is defective in the first 30 days, please send a photo of the item with the order number. We will ship a new item out for free or give you a credit/refund.  
Please contact us for any issues over 30 days and we will review the case and see what we can do to keep you happy.
Regular wear and tear and improper care is not included.   Please take care of your jewelry, removing it to wash, avoiding creams and sunscreens, and storing in a dry place.  

Q:  What if I change my mind?
A:  We have a no questions asked policy if returns are received within 30 days.  You will be responsible for all shipping charges, and jewelry must be received in resaleable condition.  

Q:  Will my products tarnish?
A:  I wear Yoshi-Bella Jewelry, and I am pretty rough on it.  We don't get feedback that our products are prone to tarnishing, however, most costume jewelry will tarnish over time.  My own necklace that I wear all the time for the past 1.5 years has slight tarnishing on the back where it contacts my skin and creams/sunscreens.  Silver plated items can experience some wear of the plating if there is any rubbing against the piece.  
You can try some home remedies, or a jewelry cloth to remove mild tarnishing.  If the piece tarnishes very quickly, this is not normal and feel free to contact us for a replacement.



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