About Yoshi-Bella Snap Jewelry and the Win-Win philosophy

What jewelry are you wearing right now?  Does your jewelry tell your story? 

Do you wish your jewelry could remind you of what is important to you? Change with your mood? Whether you are busy working or living far away from your loved ones, do you wish that you could hold your core values, interests or loved ones closer than your desk photo? Connect your Spirit with your Style with Yoshi-Bella.


Snap Jewelry I can customize with my own image

Before I found snap jewelry, there were days when I would peruse my jewelry selection, and nothing felt right.  If I was traveling away from my kids, I wanted to find a piece of jewelry that kept them close to my heart.



Imagine your confidence when you walk out the door wearing an outfit and accessories with that "just right" feeling.
















My mood changes every day, or sometimes every hour (don't tell my husband I have admitted to this).  Some days, I want to be serious and global.  Other days I want to be fun and lighthearted. I might want to dress up during the day and dress down in the evening.

Metal Owl Jewelry Snap Jewelryowl snap jewelry gingersnaps owl bling snap jewelry gingernsnapsenamel pin owl snap jewelry owl enamel pin

Snap Jewelry can keep up with how often you change your mind, seriously!

For instance, if you love owls, like me, you can wear a different owl for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all without changing your necklace!  


 How did we start?  Yoshi-Bella started as a pet-themed jewelry line, and Yoshi-Bella is a real dog.  I also have two cats, Razzy and Kootenay, who are very special to me too.  Now you know why there are always dog and cat videos on our facebook page, Instagram and twitter feed.  









Who am I?  I am a veterinarian with a creative side, and a born entrepreneur.  
I have designed a business that allows me more free time and flexibility to spend time with my kids.  I am my own boss, and if you want, I can help you do the same.

Click here for more information about our consultant opportunities - not to be confused with Direct Sales, it is truly your own business with no recruiting.


What are you waiting for? Get Shopping!  Some of our collections are only available for a limited time so get them while they last.

Best Wishes, Caroline Brookfield - CWWO

Yoshi-Bella (Chief Win-Win Officer)

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