Fern Koru Glitter - Black

Fern Koru Glitter - Black


The fern shape reminds me of my trips to New Zealand, where in the Maori culture it has great meaning.  It represents peace, tranquility, personal growth, positive change and awakening. Particularly meaningful in situations of new life and harmony, such as a new parent, child, newlywed or anyone embarking on a new path in life. 

To the Japanese, the fern is the symbol of the hope of posterity, and a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness in Africa. 

The fern has many meanings, but most deeply rooted in awakening - and the endurance and resourcefulness required to get there.   

The black colour shows the fern's strength, symbolizing power and control, and possibly the need to keep things hidden (for now!).  While all black can be somber, and prevent 2 way communication, wearing some black can give you feelings of strength and authority. 

Wear this fern when you want to feel deeply connected to nature, or when facing an awakening or new life event.  Wear as a badge of honor and reminder of passing through and thriving during a difficult time, requiring strength.  

Compatible with Standard (18-20mm) items, not compatible with mini collection



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