Dazzle Wedge - Clear

Dazzle Wedge - Clear


The triangle is very meaningful, and it can depend on how you wear it.  A very versatile symbol, perfect for those who have a lot going on in their life and looking for a shape that can express their multi-passionate needs.  Wear it facing up for ambition, drive, illumination and manifesting.  Turn it around for a symbol for water, heaven's grace - a good way to wear this symbol is when you have surrendered from an outcome, allowing the intention to be created but the method to reveal itself to you.

Point facing up (blade), it symbolizes the male gender, ambition and fire.  Pointing down (chalice) it represents the divine power of the female, female sexuality and water.  

The triangle is extremely strong and resilient. Connected to the number three, the triangle also symbolizes the holy Trinity, and true wisdom. 

Versatile, the triangle can be interpreted in many other ways, such as working together, balance, creativity, proportion.  

Clear Rhinestone set in an 18mm medallion, in a delightful triangle shape, ringed with smaller crystals.  

Compatible with Standard Sized (18-20mm) Jewelry, not compatible with Mini Collection. 



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