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Chakra Bracelet - Onyx Wrap


Black onyx is worn for protection, known to defend against negativity and help to release negative emotions.  Known to bring good fortune and strenth, often given to athletes.  

This bracelet will wrap three times around an average wrist, and with an elasticized finish will fit most wrist sizes.  6mm onyx stones with artfully placed metal beads shows off the 7 unique gemstones - one for each chakra.

Elegant, simple yet classic wrap bracelet is the perfect everyday bracelet, to help reconnect you to your purpose and your why.  Convertible to a necklace.  

Upload your own design to make a custom snap, or use our designs and customize with your word.  You can still personalize your bracelet with our in stock designs of snaps - choose a dragonfly if you are going through a transition, and owl if you are seeking wisdom, or tree of life for abundance and growth.

Only compatible with Standard Sized jewelry (18-20mm) not compatible with mini.



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