Chakra Bracelet - Black Onyx

Chakra Bracelet - Black Onyx

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Working on being more intentional in your daily life? If you are incorporating a mindfulness, meditation or energy practice into your day, this bracelet will help you hold that energy and intention for the day.

With a base of grounding onyx stone, and a different gemstone for each chakra, work on balancing your energies all day.  With a dangling snap mechanism, you can customize the bracelet with your own image.  Choose one of our backgrounds and choose an intention word or goal, and we will make it with love to your specifications.  Or, choose from our carefully curated selection of inspirational and symbolic medallions such as a dragonfly, to symbolize change.  If you love essential oils, we have an essential oil medallion to carry your favourite healing scent with you.

Chakra Stones in this Bracelet:

Black Onyx

Lapis Lazuli
Blue Agate
Green Aventurine
Yellow Agate
Red Agate

Shown here with custom medallion using your own word "Be Bold".


*Only compatible with Standard (18-20mm) sized medallions, not with minis.
*Medallions sold separately

*slight variation in colour due to natural stone may be evident in final product.




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