Chakra Bracelet - Amethyst Wrap

Chakra Bracelet - Amethyst Wrap


Amethyst is a calming stone,working in the physical, emotional and spiritual realms, as well as psychic protection.

Amethyst comes from the greek "without drunkenness", and while it can be used by those seeking relief from addictions, it does so much more.  A healing stone, associated with the 7th or Crown Chakra, connecting to the spiritual or divine.  As a quartz, amethyst is amazing for holding and projecting intentions and energy.   So Amethyst does double duty - as a purple stone, working with the crown chakra, but also doubles as a quartz, helping with directing energy and intentions.

For those born in February, this is your birthstone! In Canada, February is really really cold so I have to say that if you have a birthday in February you deserve this amazing quartz as your birth stone!

This bracelet will wrap three times around an average wrist, and with an elasticized finish will fit most wrist sizes.  6mm onyx stones with artfully placed metal beads shows off the 7 unique gemstones - one for each chakra.

Upload your own design to make a custom snap, or use our designs and customize with your word.  You can still personalize your bracelet with our in stock designs of snaps - choose a dragonfly if you are going through a transition, and owl if you are seeking wisdom, or tree of life for abundance and growth.

Only compatible with Standard Sized jewelry (18-20mm) not compatible with mini.
There may be some variation in colour due to natural stone product



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