Custom Medallion Your Own Word

Custom Medallion Your Own Word


Make a medallion with your own word - your intention, mantra or word of the year.  

Use our template and just type the text you want printed on the medallion.  Although there is a 9 character limit contact us if you have a special request.  Keep in mind image will be printed on an 18mm (0.75") size.

How to make your word medallion:

1.  Choose a Template (refer to images for styles of font and background)

2.  Select the template by name using the boxes on the right side.

3.  Type in your Word to go with this template.

4.  Add to cart.

5.  To select more medallions start again at step 1.

**Make sure you have something to put this on, like a keychain or bracelet.

If you want to design your own, use PicMonkey and upload to the Custom Medallion - Upload product instead.  It's so much fun!

 *we usually ship custom items within a week of ordering



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