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Regifting 101. Be a Gifting Queen this Holiday

Who wants to bet this is another fruitcake? Hands up if you have ever regifted a present.  I know I have. Mostly I didn't feel badly about regifting gift cards and booze.  I mean, it's not like they put a ton of thought into the present, right?  Sometimes it feels like I'm just exchanging cash with friends, which doesn't feel as genuine to me.  Thoughtful gifts? Regardless of value, these are so precious, even if they hold no face value to anyone else. How do you feel about your gifts getting re-gifted?  If you don’t care then I am going to be bold and accuse you of giving up on being an amazing gift giver.It's never too late to learn...

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Confessions of a Proud Instagram Loser

On Halloween my mother in law came for a visit. It's a super fun time for her to come and see the kids in their sugared-up and dressed-up glory.  I'm really lucky, my mother in law is easy to get along with.  While she was here, I felt guilty working when the kids were at school.   I felt like I was having half-conversations with her as I had one eye on whatever I was working on. One day I took her along to a sales call in the country. We had a great time, and she walked around the quaint town while i was on my call. After the meeting, we went for coffee and sat outside enjoying the...

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Wordsmithing and Product Descriptions

I have always liked English - in the sense that I like reading, and I like writing.  But I wouldn't say that I am necessarily skilled at writing.  Recently I had a discussion with a  business associate over the word "bling".  Was this a good word for my jewelry? I thought it was a bit fun, and didn't take anything too seriously, but still highlighted the beauty of Yoshi-Bella Jewelry.  Others had different ideas. Why is it that we react as we do to different words? On a quest to find out what other words I could use, I had so many great suggestions.  Most women did not love "bling" (notice not many pieces have Bling in the title anymore)....

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Retail Spotlight: Susan in Rocky Mountain House

We went camping near Rocky Mountain House last week.  We had never been there and loved the campsite at Crimson Lake Provincial Park - there was so much to do!  A naughty squirrel ate my pinecone owl craft that I was so proud of :-( Another great reason to visit the area was to stop in to see Susan at the Rocky Mountain House Marketplace on Main that happens every Thursday night. The live music was fantastic, but we were so sad to have missed the First Nations dancers due to a lengthy over-the-fire dinner. Every week there is some live music.  Main Street is a great destination for fun, food and shopping for clothes, jewelry, handmade products and more....

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