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Screw Romance this Valentine's Day.

That's right, I said Screw Romance.  So there. Here is a quote that sums up my feelings this year: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  ― Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the Little Prince Valentine's Day has some pretty dark roots.  According to NPR, it started with the Romans involving sacrificing animals, beating women to make them more fertile and some other offensive acts (click the link to read more if you are interested).  With a few executions and a few centuries, it has morphed into the Hallmark tradition it is today.Here's the thing.  You don't need romance in your life...

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Welcome Karen in Saskatoon

Karen and I met at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market.  She was promoting her AMAZING Children's book with stories and recipes for families at Christmas. I was promoting my Yoshi-Bella line of jewelry. Karen and I had many chats and clicked over the three weekends we were together.  Karen had lived in Calgary for a long time but was moving back to Saskatoon.  Karen is also very active in the organization EWI and loved the jewelry I made for her with the organization's logo. Once Karen returned to Saskatoon, she was looking for an opportunity to add to her income (who isn't?!) and I was so thrilled to hear that she wanted to join the Yoshi-Bella team. Karen Skirten has...

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Aligning Your Chakras with Your Intentions and how Yoga can help (guest post)

  Yoga is a practice used to harmonize the body with mind and breath through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.  At the beginning of each yoga class, it is common to set an intention for the practice, which acts as a metaphor to translate your practice off your mat and into your life.  Specifically, an intention brings awareness to a quality or virtue you wish to cultivate both on and off your mat.  Examples include love, forgiveness, letting go, self-compassion, grounding, and balance.  This intention can ultimately be a vehicle that makes yoga an aspect of your lifestyle, rather than something you do just for exercise.  Chakras are energy centers within your body that are responsible...

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Custom Jewelry Ideas

Photo of a beloved pet Artwork (take a photo and upload image) Grandparent gift (photo of grandkids) Word of the Year - design your own or use our done-for-you designs  Custom client gifts - logo or thank you Income Goal - design your own or use our done-for-you designs Pet Memorial Gift  Wedding favors Charity support - logo or event  Symbol or core desired feelings - transformation (dragonfly), wisdom (owl) Dream house or dream car Team Building - run team, committee, fundraising group Favorite flower from the garden - take a photo and put it on a snap or choose stock designs Chakra balancing - choose a medallion in the stone or colour of your chakra  Wedding announcement Wedding bouquet...

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