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I have always liked English - in the sense that I like reading, and I like writing.  But I wouldn't say that I am necessarily skilled at writing.  Recently I had a discussion with a  business associate over the word "bling".  Was this a good word for my jewelry? I thought it was a bit fun, and didn't take anything too seriously, but still highlighted the beauty of Yoshi-Bella Jewelry.  Others had different ideas. Why is it that we react as we do to different words? On a quest to find out what other words I could use, I had so many great suggestions.  Most women did not love "bling" (notice not many pieces have Bling in the title anymore).  But I got such great advice from women in my community - from fresh, timeless, alluring, mystique, bauble, inspirational, unique and more great suggestions.

blue collection sparkle medallion snap jewelry synonyms bling

When I put "bling" into a thesaurus online I get a variety of different options. Powerhousethesaurus.com had the weirdest words, really.  Gimcrackeries.  Baubles. 
(side note, I'm not too sure about this thesaurus as it lists hood ornament, one-upmanship, bombastic and hubris also as synonyms...)

Merriam Webster defines Gimcracker as :a showy object of little use or value. Example: that woman has enough gimcracks to fill up a novelty company's mail-order catalog.

So, I guess I shouldn't use gimcrackeries because the origin appears to indicate that it is a frivolous item, in a derogatory sense.  Which is really too bad because I really want to use it somewhere.  

If you have other words that you love, endear you to or make you feel feminine please share in the comments.  

And I am always looking for pets' names. Most of our products are named after someone's pet :-)


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