Welcome Karen in Saskatoon

Karen and I met at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market.  She was promoting her AMAZING Children's book with stories and recipes for families at Christmas. I was promoting my Yoshi-Bella line of jewelry.

Karen Skirten - Saskatoon

Karen and I had many chats and clicked over the three weekends we were together.  Karen had lived in Calgary for a long time but was moving back to Saskatoon.  Karen is also very active in the organization EWI and loved the jewelry I made for her with the organization's logo.

Once Karen returned to Saskatoon, she was looking for an opportunity to add to her income (who isn't?!) and I was so thrilled to hear that she wanted to join the Yoshi-Bella team.

Karen Skirten has an extensive background of 34 years in professional sales & marketing gathered in a variety of industries; Travel, Aviation, HR, Apparel,  & Design.




Karen has just returned to her hometown of Saskatoon after 24 years in Calgary.  She has a sweet and spunky Schnorkie dog named Emma.  She enjoys the game of golf, travel, reading, cooking and the study of great wines, firsthand!

If you live in the Saskatoon area and want to connect with Karen, you can reach her at kfskirten@gmail.com.  She is a dynamic woman who you will warm up to instantly.  We are so excited to have Karen on board and can't wait to see how she styles our Yoshi-Bella jewelry.

Welcome, Karen!


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