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Friends for the holidays!

We all have a BFF.  Someone that just gets us, who has seen us at our worst and at our best. Yoshi-Bella has a BFF, and great news!  Sleepovers every day for the next 10 days!! Yoshi-Bella (my dog) and her BFF Harlee (a Basset Hound) hang out with each other when the rest of the family goes on vacation. In this case Harlee's family is going to Mexico, sadly she is not allowed to come.  Great news for Yoshi!  When Harlee walks near our house, she pulls and whines to come and visit Yoshi. When I walk near Harlee's house, even if we aren't going there, Yoshi tries to take a dash across the road to get to Harlee's house. I...

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Schools (almost) out for summer

if you have kids in your life you are probably very aware of the school year coming to a close.  I am having a lot of mixed feelings about the end of this year, which ends my youngest son's year in kindergarten.  How do you feel about school ending? I feel elation at no more packed lunches (oh wait, I have to pack a lunch for summer camp, never mind). I feel a bit guilty that I am looking forward to full time school next year, less complications and less child care expenses.  I feel melancholy that my youngest is finishing kindergarten, and proud and excited at his continued growth and development, and watching him turn into the young man...

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Viva Las Vegas

Are you a Carry-On Cowgirl? Fashionista necklace and Yoshi-Bella jewelry can help you to travel light and still look fabulous. I recently had a trip to Las Vegas, and I have learned to pack a carry on.  Well, travelling to Las Vegas for a week with only a carry on was a challenge....accepted!  One of my strategies was to back my Fashionista necklace, with 6 medallions, and a pair of earrings with 3 sets of medallions.  I was able to change my jewelry every day, and nobody would have noticed that I was wearing the same necklace each day!  I brought a few casual medallions and a few fancier ones, and work them with a cocktail dress as well as...

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3....2.....1... go!

Yoshi-Bella is unimpressed with the ice, and we have lots these days. She still runs full tilt to run out her jiggles at the dog park.  I hope she has sturdy cruciate ligaments!  Today is January 26, I am excitedly waiting for my prototype hemp leash and collar, so that I can finally crack this store!  I am contacting non-profits whose mandate lies close to Yoshi-Bella's core, animal charities.  I am hoping that our model of profit sharing for non-profits, with no upfront costs for them, works for everyone.    

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