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Retail Spotlight: Susan in Rocky Mountain House

We went camping near Rocky Mountain House last week.  We had never been there and loved the campsite at Crimson Lake Provincial Park - there was so much to do!  A naughty squirrel ate my pinecone owl craft that I was so proud of :-( Another great reason to visit the area was to stop in to see Susan at the Rocky Mountain House Marketplace on Main that happens every Thursday night. The live music was fantastic, but we were so sad to have missed the First Nations dancers due to a lengthy over-the-fire dinner. Every week there is some live music.  Main Street is a great destination for fun, food and shopping for clothes, jewelry, handmade products and more....

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7 tips on looking great in Western Style before heading to Stampede

My hometown, Calgary, "Cowtown" hosts a rodeo every July.  The Calgary Stampede is often called the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  Going back about 100 years, Calgary is known for Western events, and there are still many working ranches, and genuine cowboys and cowgirls close to city limits.  With a population of over a million, there are also lots of urban dwellers who have never seen a horse, but embrace our Western Heritage enthusiastically every July. Tourists and locals come out in droves to see the Stampede, eat something weird (like cricket pizza) and see world class entertainment.  I'm really sure that there are lots of other cities across the world that see this same phenomenon - Western themed events which...

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Friends for the holidays!

We all have a BFF.  Someone that just gets us, who has seen us at our worst and at our best. Yoshi-Bella has a BFF, and great news!  Sleepovers every day for the next 10 days!! Yoshi-Bella (my dog) and her BFF Harlee (a Basset Hound) hang out with each other when the rest of the family goes on vacation. In this case Harlee's family is going to Mexico, sadly she is not allowed to come.  Great news for Yoshi!  When Harlee walks near our house, she pulls and whines to come and visit Yoshi. When I walk near Harlee's house, even if we aren't going there, Yoshi tries to take a dash across the road to get to Harlee's house. I...

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