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Custom Jewelry - more than just kid or dog photos

I'm the first to admit that one of my favourite pieces of snap jewelry is the one with the photo of my son and I last fall.  He skipped school and we drove up to Banff to take the bus to Sunshine Meadows.  The larches were in full golden glory and we hiked an awesome 7km with breathtaking views the whole time.  I wear this snap all the time, and get a ton of comments.  It warms my heart every time I wear it. One of my other favourite snaps is the photo I took of my Vision Board late last year. I joined the Conquer Club with Natalie MacNeil and one of our activities was to create a vision...

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Viva Las Vegas

Are you a Carry-On Cowgirl? Fashionista necklace and Yoshi-Bella jewelry can help you to travel light and still look fabulous. I recently had a trip to Las Vegas, and I have learned to pack a carry on.  Well, travelling to Las Vegas for a week with only a carry on was a challenge....accepted!  One of my strategies was to back my Fashionista necklace, with 6 medallions, and a pair of earrings with 3 sets of medallions.  I was able to change my jewelry every day, and nobody would have noticed that I was wearing the same necklace each day!  I brought a few casual medallions and a few fancier ones, and work them with a cocktail dress as well as...

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