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7 tips on looking great in Western Style before heading to Stampede

My hometown, Calgary, "Cowtown" hosts a rodeo every July.  The Calgary Stampede is often called the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  Going back about 100 years, Calgary is known for Western events, and there are still many working ranches, and genuine cowboys and cowgirls close to city limits.  With a population of over a million, there are also lots of urban dwellers who have never seen a horse, but embrace our Western Heritage enthusiastically every July. Tourists and locals come out in droves to see the Stampede, eat something weird (like cricket pizza) and see world class entertainment.  I'm really sure that there are lots of other cities across the world that see this same phenomenon - Western themed events which...

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April 11-12, Calgary Horticultural Society Garden Show

I love the garden show every year.  Seeing new products, all the displays and new plants, even though I'm not the most talented gardener, my husband can tell you I make up for it with optimism.  We have windowsill seed trays and a small UV Light system in the house already.  My problem is space to keep them all!  Oh, and not being able to thin the seedlings, I have to get someone else to do that part.  This is the first year that Yoshi-Bella will be proud exhibitors at the Calgary show.  We have new products ready to unveil, such as gardening and military style hats with snaps.  Also a fresh crop of flower themed medallions is ready for...

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