Spring a Smile on your Face with Teriffic Tassels

Tassels, as you know, are a staple in your wardrobe.  In our spring 2018 collection we have source all the on-trend styles, like pearls and enamel designs, so you don't have to spend hours on Insta or Pinterest (er, not like we did that...at all...ok maybe a bit).

Combine tassels and pearls for a comtemporary spin on an Art Deco look.  

Like your options open?  Keep that staple tassel for next season and trust us to find the latest styles to "snap in" to update your look - at a tiny cost for each snap medallion!

Here is a video with a sneak peek at our new collection.  Impatient?  Or not interested in checking out my Vanna White presentation skills?  Hey, I even did some special effects for you in the video.  Click here to skip the video and shop now.

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