Screw Romance this Valentine's Day.

That's right, I said Screw Romance.  So there. Here is a quote that sums up my feelings this year:

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”  ― Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the Little Prince

Galentine Day Jewelry Yoshi-Bella

Valentine's Day has some pretty dark roots.  According to NPR, it started with the Romans involving sacrificing animals, beating women to make them more fertile and some other offensive acts (click the link to read more if you are interested).  With a few executions and a few centuries, it has morphed into the Hallmark tradition it is today.

Here's the thing.  You don't need romance in your life to feel cherished and loved.  I believe that in 2018 it is clear that traditional "love" has evolved into so much more than romance. 

Self love should be your first love, and for some reason we save it for last.  Like we are not worthy enough of putting ourselves first.

Heart Dog Valentine's Day DogFor a long time, the only partner in my life was my dog.  I traveled a lot, had transient friends, but she was my home.  

I turned Valentine's day into a celebration of our relationship, to spend time with my heart dog.  Before "Galentine"was trendy, I would make time to spend with my other single gal friends, laughing and spending time with the women in my life who made me feel loved.

After marriage, I used to get mad when my husband failed my expectations for a celebration - birthday, Valentine's - because my "love language" is gifts and acts of service.  Nothing was ever good enough.  

Most recently, I have given myself permission to just get what I want, or send him a link - and thank him for it.  Everyone is happier, he has less pressure, and he shows me he loves me in other ways.  Win-Win (my favourite!)



 This Valentine's Day, I challenge you to do what fills your heart, not what others expect of you

Spend some time with loved ones (2 or 4-legged.  Or no legs, if your snake makes you happy)

Yoshi-Bella Walk Buy something for yourself if it makes you feel happy and loved, with no qualifications or justifications or judgements.

Donate to charity in the spirit of sending love to someone else.  

Make Valentine's Day your own special celebration with your heart, whatever that might be.  

If Yoshi-Bella fits in with your celebration, both Yoshi-Bella and I are honoured and touched.  Use the code GALENTINE for free shipping in the US and Canada.

If we don't fit with what fills your heart, we wish you all the best in taking some time to tend to that super important organ. 

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