Regifting 101. Be a Gifting Queen this Holiday

how to avoid regifting gift giving tips

Who wants to bet this is another fruitcake?

Hands up if you have ever regifted a present.  I know I have. Mostly I didn't feel badly about regifting gift cards and booze.  I mean, it's not like they put a ton of thought into the present, right?  Sometimes it feels like I'm just exchanging cash with friends, which doesn't feel as genuine to me.  Thoughtful gifts? Regardless of value, these are so precious, even if they hold no face value to anyone else.

How do you feel about your gifts getting re-gifted?  If you don’t care then I am going to be bold and accuse you of giving up on being an amazing gift giver.
It's never too late to learn some tips.

My good friend and I only exchange gifts if we see something we know each other would love.  Some years, sorry hon, nothing spoke to me.  Other years, watch out, the heavens were calling her name and she cashes in like a bandit - on personal, thoughtful gifts.  

There's even a Harvard Study on the topic titled: The Gifts we Keep on Giving: Documenting and Destigmatizing the Regifting Taboo

What makes a gifting Queen so regal?  She knows what people secretly want, what they won’t buy for themselves, and match them perfectly to the lucky recipient’s style and taste. 

The first step in avoiding a re-gift is knowing the trends. is a site that helps you navigate regifting.  They suggest that you never re-gift one-of-a-kind or handmade items.  An article in the NY times from 2015 suggests that the most regifted items include candles, alcohol, gift cards, fruitcake, clothes housewares and bath products.

Did you know there is an official regifting day on Dec 15?  

Bruce Weinstein, “the ethical guy”, promoted three main points if you are going to go for the re-gift in this Huffington Post article

  • Do it soon.
  • Do it to someone who is out of town.
  • Don’t use it first.

So, if you want to gift a gift that will end up who-knows-where, buy a gift card, candle, ugly Christmas sweater, bath products or alcohol.  If you want to buy a gift that will light up your recipient’s face, and think of you every time they wear it, choose a customizable and personal product. 

Yoshi-Bella curates collections of symbolic and meaningful interchangeable snap jewelry, to connect your spirit with your style.  Think of customizing a braclelet with dragonflies, for someone experiencing some change and renewal, or owls, for someone seeing wisdom, or rose quartz for someone looking to work on their chakras.  Put a personal word of the year, goal or mantra on a personal snap that attaches to a bracelet, keychain or necklace.
 We even hand-make custom photo jewelry (who’s going to regift that?!?)

Tell us about the best gift you have ever received?  What made it great?

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