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What does living your best life look like? 

Intentions and Goals 2017

What changes do you want to make next year?  
Have you made resolutions in the past,
only to come up short?

Many people find that choosing an intention creates more meaningful transformation than making specific resolutions. 

We all want to achieve our dreams.  How does a “word of the year”, or an intention, help us get there? Is that enough?  How does this connect with making goals?   

What is the difference between a goal and an intention?

Goals - hit the bullseyeGoals are focused on the future, with a specific, intended outcome.  A goal might be to run a race in under one hour, or to attain a certain sales target. 

Setting an intention in the presentSetting an intention is focused on the present, and serves as an underlying theme for how you want to act in every moment of every day.  Intentions connect you to how you want to live your life, whether you are flying high or riding low.   

For example, while your goal may be to run a race in under an hour, your intention might be to savor the feeling of the ground beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, and the thrill of using your physical body.  Regardless of whether you come in under an hour, your intention maintains the essential core of why you run in the first place.

Word (Intention) of the Year

Last year, my word was Intentional, because I wished to seek a deeper connection with myself and others.  By living with intention, I will make space for truly meaningful interactions amongst our increasingly fast paced, superficial, auto-commenting world. 

Friends connecting

Now that I’ve set my intention, what should I do with it?

Deepak Chopra suggests that held intentions are not effective.  He recommends creating intentions during peaceful meditation, then releasing them immediately afterwards.  By disconnecting from the outcome, and believing in your true self, the organizing power of the universe will provide the best natural outcome.  

That's great, but how do I actually run that mile in less than an hour?

I would be this excited to see lemurs in the wild!This is the way I see it:  I want to go to Madagascar one day to observe lemurs in the wild. My time to do so might be running short (I feel fine, but I’m not so sure about the lemurs).

My intention could be to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate animals of all kinds, while my goal is to go to Madagascar.  I can set the intention and enjoy nature– even in my own home, back yard or neighborhood.   
To get to Madagascar, I need to create some actionable steps:  I can research flight costs, hotels and the best season to go. I can connect with lemur researchers and become a lemur expert from afar.  I can also set a savings goal and put money into a bank account.  These actions when combined will move me closer to my goal.

 I might never get to Madagascar, but I can still enjoy the essence of my intention, every day, and use my love for the environment as a daily practice.

 Reaching Goals 

Aside from the famous story of Jim Carrey writing himself a cheque for 10 million dollars for future acting services rendered, it is scientifically proven that if you write your goals down you will be more likely to meet them.

 In Forbes Magazine, Molly Cain offers 6 ways to achieve your goals,

  1. Look at it
  2. Tell people
  3. Break it up
  4. Set a timeline   
  5. Be realistic
  6. Commit to yourself

My favorite way to keep connected to my intentions and goals is to keep them close and visible.  I make custom jewelry with my goal or intention and wear it daily on my bracelet or keychain. 

2017 intention word INTENTIONAL with 2016 vision board image

I’m looking forward to being intentional in my plans, my interactions and my relationships this year.  I will keep my intention in line with my spiritual center by wearing my Yoshi-Bella Chakra bracelet with quality gemstones for each chakra. Paired with a custom medallion with my word of the year, I know I’m going to set up my year with tools for my best life .

I am fascinated by this topic - what is your intention for your best life?  What action steps and goals have you put in place to get there? Please comment and share below!

My intention setting day for 2017

 Setting my Intention for how I want to spend this year - Intentionally!

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