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I'm the first to admit that one of my favourite pieces of snap jewelry is the one with the photo of my son and I last fall.  He skipped school and we drove up to Banff to take the bus to Sunshine Meadows.  The larches were in full golden glory and we hiked an awesome 7km with breathtaking views the whole time.  I wear this snap all the time, and get a ton of comments.  It warms my heart every time I wear it.

Custom Jewelry Canada Personalized Snap Jewelry

One of my other favourite snaps is the photo I took of my Vision Board late last year. I joined the Conquer Club with Natalie MacNeil and one of our activities was to create a vision board.  I didn't have anywhere in my work space (in our busy home area) where I wanted to post it.  So I took a photo of it and put it on a medallion!  I wear this when I'm feeling a bit distracted and losing focus in my business.  The images on the vision board have become pretty tiny, but even though it's not clear to others, when I wear it I can immediately visualize all that I'm working on and towards.

Custom Snap Jewelry Personalized Canada

On many days I set an intention for the day.  Sometimes it's for the week.  I love my Momentum Personal Dashboard with the beautiful photos, and the ability to set an intention.  But many days I'm busy running around and want to maintain my focus.  In these instances I wear a snap with my intention word.  I have made a small library with a few of my favourite intentions, and wear the one that suits the day. Sometimes I wear it on a necklace under a shirt so I'm the only one who knows about it.  Other days it's a conversation piece.

A less expensive way to do this would be to write it on a piece of paper and hide it somewhere in a  pocket or in a wallet. Many people agree that setting intentions, saying them aloud and then writing them on a piece of paper helps manifest your dreams.  

I went to a Buddhist monastery in Hawaii a few years ago and they had a special bowl where you could write down a thought or wish and then burn it.  I found this ritual very symbolic and touching.  

Custom Snap Jewelry Canada Personalized intention

I love to make custom medallions by hand.  Our medallions are affordably priced so that you can customize your own. We would love to hear yours.

Tell us what you would put on your custom medallion in the comments below.

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