Custom Jewelry Ideas

  1. Photo of a beloved pet
    dog photo jewelry my dog on a bracelet
  2. Artwork (take a photo and upload image)
    Kids Artwork JewelryMake Kids Artwork into custom jewelry

  3. Grandparent gift (photo of grandkids)
    Grandparent gift photo of grandkids
  4. Word of the Year - design your own or use our done-for-you designs 
    word of the year intention jewelry snap jewelry
  5. Custom client gifts - logo or thank you
  6. Income Goal - design your own or use our done-for-you designs
  7. Pet Memorial Gift 
  8. Wedding favors
  9. Charity support - logo or event 
    Support charity event fundraiserCharity fundraising support
  10. Symbol or core desired feelings - transformation (dragonfly), wisdom (owl)
    Bronze Dragonfly Jewelry Transformation Snap JewelryOwl medallion snap jewelry wisdom
  11. Dream house or dream car
  12. Team Building - run team, committee, fundraising group
  13. Favorite flower from the garden - take a photo and put it on a snap or choose stock designs
    Favorite flower jewelryGlass flower snap jewelry
  14. Chakra balancing - choose a medallion in the stone or colour of your chakra 
    Balancing chakra bracelet
  15. Wedding announcement
    Wedding announcement on Jewelry
  16. Wedding bouquet photo - a great mementoCustom jewelry wedding bouquetWEdding bouquet photo jewelry
  17. Habit helper - use an anchor word or image to help build or break habit
  18. Personal thank you
  19. Religious Faith
  20. Anniversary gift or celebration
    Anniversary celebration jewelryAnniversary bracelet personalized
  21. Pregnancy announcement and gift
  22. Teacher Gifts
  23. Engagement announcement
  24. Wedding Party thank you gift
  25. Sports Team Support (ask us about our fundraising options)team fundraiser sports promotional
  26. Yoga Intention Word
  27. Weight Loss goal - design your own or add your number to your done-for-you designs
  28. Newborn welcome and announcement
    Baby newborn announcement custom jewelry for parents Custom jewelry with  image of baby  bracelet with my baby's image
  29. Promotional gifts for customers - logo, book cover (author)
    Author custom jewelry book cover

  30. Favorite Quote - design your own 
    Walk in your Truth quote on jewelry put a quote on jewelryTolkien quote jewelry customize
  31. School spirit - custom image or stock designs (basketball, volleyball, etc)
  32. Unique coupon promotion
  33. Favorite Activity - design your own - boating, fishing, camping
    Camping jewelry custom your own image snap jewelry Hiking jewelry customize your own snap image
  34. In person event promotion 

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