Friends for the holidays!

We all have a BFF.  Someone that just gets us, who has seen us at our worst and at our best. Yoshi-Bella has a BFF, and great news!  Sleepovers every day for the next 10 days!!

Yoshi-Bella (my dog) and her BFF Harlee (a Basset Hound) hang out with each other when the rest of the family goes on vacation. In this case Harlee's family is going to Mexico, sadly she is not allowed to come.  Great news for Yoshi!  When Harlee walks near our house, she pulls and whines to come and visit Yoshi. When I walk near Harlee's house, even if we aren't going there, Yoshi tries to take a dash across the road to get to Harlee's house. I always have to keep her on a short leash, and even still, she pulls and jumps to try to get to see her friend.  

When they do get together for "doggie playdates", their joy at seeing each other will melt the grinchiest of hearts  They have eyes for nobody else.  With an exception - Harlee (the Basset), is easily distracted by bacon or meat type smells, and a laser pointer.  She is seriously deranged for that thing.  

I love the bond that Yoshi and Harlee share, and it really reminds me of what is important at this time of year. Being excited to see friends and family. So excited that you want to run in front of a car to see them (well, that's not really ok but hopefully you get the idea).  

I hope you get some time to spend with your BFF this holiday season, whether they are 2, 4 or 8 legged (yes some people are really attached to their spiders!  Oh, and should include 0 legged creatures too)

You might wonder what this post has to do with Yoshi-Bella Jewelry.  It has everything and nothing to do with it.  Yoshi-Bella Jewelry was born out of an excitement -  to spend time with family, including my pets, to watch my own business grow, be home when my kids come home, and have a great product that I love to share.  

Best wishes for Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Ramadan, or whatever special event you hold near to your heart at this time of year.

Caroline and Yoshi-Bella

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