Stumped for presents - what do you do?

With two kids aged 7 and 9, Christmas is a big deal around our house.  Heck it isn't even December and I finally caved and helped decorate some gingerbread houses today.  One of the things we are focused on as a family is meaningful time together.  However my boys definitely know what they want for Christmas, and it's pretty easy to shop for them. For adults, I struggle with gift buying at times, because I don't like to feel that I'm buying something just because I am obliged to get a gift.  I have a really good friend and we have the best arrangement.  I only buy her something (and vice-versa) if, when I see an item, I automatically think of her.  Nothing forced.  No "hmm I wonder if she would like that". If I don't see anything, she skips a present for that birthday or Christmas.  One of the things I love to do is get personalized gifts, that will be meaningful for the recipient.  How do you buy your presents? What do you do when you are stumped?

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