Black Cats and Hallowe'en superstitions

Did you know that black cats and dogs are the least likely to be adopted from rescue organizations? Of course that means I have three black animals - two black cats (Razzamatazz and Kootenay) and Yoshi-Bella.   Yoshi-Bella is not all black so maybe she doesn't count.  

When and why didRazzamatazz (Razzy) and Kootenay having a cuddle the superstition around

black cats start? According to, black cats were not considered unlucky until the (sarcasm) enlightened and civilized middle ages, when black cats were linked to witches.  Also this is influenced by culture, not all cultures believe that black cats are bad luck.  

In North America this has been such a trend noted by rescue groups that there have been "Adopt a black dog or cat" campaigns, with an organization dedicated to the cause;

Working in the animal health industry is the main reason I have black cats - not because I am particularly attracted to them, but because the "nobody else will take them" story made it hard to refuse. Many years ago while working in Florida, a group of cats were suspiciously found on someone's porch in a wire enclosure.  The rescue group worried about adopting these cats out close to Hallowe'en, and although I wasn't in a position to take any full time pets at the time, I fostered "Oscar" and "Emmy" for many months and was so happy and proud to see them go to new homes.  

What do you think about black cats or black dogs?  Love them or hate them?  Do you consciously or unconsciously stay away from a black cat or dog when choosing a pet?  

Yoshi-Bella (mostly black but still darn cute)

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