Summer sizzling in Kootenay National Park

The end of August has crept up on me like my kids do when they are supposed to be sleeping.  After spending a great weekend camping in Kootenay National Park in amazing scenery, it inspired me to create a new line of medallions.  Stay tuned for some Canadian themed medallions!   We love to hear suggestions, and welcome submissions from budding artists. Would you love to see your artwork featured on a Yoshi-Bella medallion?

Yoshi-Bella loves camping but she understandably hates wasps - after getting stung early in her camping career.  This camping trip she hid a lot in her kennel or wanted to hang out in our small trailer.  I always wonder what would have happened to her had she not been rescued by AARCS and had to live as a feral dog.  She is certainly not cut out for rugged living.  

I hope you are all spending some great time with your loved ones, 2 or 4 legged.  

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