'Tis the Season

Around this time of the year I notice a few things.  I notice that my kids are crazy.  I notice that I can't find a place to park anywhere.  I notice parents on their cell phones who lose their 3 year olds and don't bother to smile at the stranger when they help the child find the parent again.  I also notice a wheelchair bound volunteer for the Salvation Army.  I notice toy mountains and spots on the radio broadcasting a toy drive.  I notice stories from friends who volunteer at homeless shelters to hand out presents, and other kind acts from young and old.  This season is truly a dichotomy.  Today I spent the day with my husband.  We didn't bring our phones.  We didn't do anything too exciting to "make the most" of our day. We went shopping, had some lunch, then picked the kids up from school.  It was a great day. What do you do to reconnect with your loved ones? How do you carve out peace and serenity in such a crazy world, and a crazy time of the year?  What lights your inner flame and keeps you going through the long dark days of winter?

One of the traditions in our family started last year.  We celebrate the "darkest day" of the year, because we could all use some cheering up when it gets dark at 4pm. Last year I was so excited about this tradition that I chatted about it to the man in line behind me in Safeway, as I was purchasing a moon themed cake.  It wasn't until I got home that I realized it was actually only November 21 and the man at Safeway surely thought I was a lunatic, and thought best to just nod and smile.

What are your family traditions?  

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