Summer Heat

It was a hot summer here in Calgary, and Yoshi-Bella likes to relax in the shade.  It is hard to believe that school starts tomorrow. Highlights of our summer included a family camping trip, and without too many bugs Yoshi-Bella was happy!  She got stung by a wasp last year and now any buzzing insect sends her to her kennel inside the trailer.  What do you do to relax?  I did not want to bring a ton of jewelry camping so I brought my cou-cou ca-choo fashionista necklace and a dainty band with about 12 different medallions.  I felt like I had switched up my look without lugging (and potentially losing!) a bunch of my jewelry.  Now that fall is in swing there are some hot new products to sizzle your bling.  Yep.  I just made that expression up as you can probably tell.  Try out the Razzy Rocker Band (24.99), a thick, no-nonsense band with a single socket.  

Or decorate your winter togs with a Kootenay Fandagle (14.99), use it as a zipper pull, keychain, or clip to just about anything.  Yoshi-Bella was very proud to model it as canine jewelry (supervision required because, well, dogs like to eat things).

 With the selection of AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society) as our charity until October 31, I know we can help support them with the great work they do.  AARCS is close to my heart, as this is the organization that let us adopt Yoshi-Bella.  Karma!  Join us for the Jail and Bail event on September 20, visit for more info.

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