Schools (almost) out for summer

if you have kids in your life you are probably very aware of the school year coming to a close.  I am having a lot of mixed feelings about the end of this year, which ends my youngest son's year in kindergarten.  How do you feel about school ending? I feel elation at no more packed lunches (oh wait, I have to pack a lunch for summer camp, never mind). I feel a bit guilty that I am looking forward to full time school next year, less complications and less child care expenses.  I feel melancholy that my youngest is finishing kindergarten, and proud and excited at his continued growth and development, and watching him turn into the young man he is meant to be.  I feel a little bit anxious about making sure that I am spending every precious moment that I can while they still want to hang out with their mom.  If you don't feel any of those things, I think every person can agree that teachers have a hard job.  Please consider browsing our "teacher's pet" collection and see if any of these gift ideas would be suitable for that unique teacher who has too many mugs.  You don't have to choose from this collection, if you know your teacher likes dogs, feel free to browse the dog lover's collection, horse lover's, etc.  And don't forget that your teacher will probably approve of the 10% of sales going to charity.

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