Spring? Please? How I use eggshells to plant seedlings.

Or as my son says, pretty pleeeeease with a cherry on top?  I hope you like the new Spring Fling with Bling collection as much as I do.  I am tempted to take the True Blue Triple Play and put it in a pot on my deck, and hope it starts to flower.  I normally start seedlings in the house, so I have started saving my eggshells. One of my favourite ways to plant seedlings is to save old plastic egg cartons and rinsed eggshells.  I put a small hole in the eggshell, fill with planting mix, then put in the egg tray.  Plant a few seeds in each shell and voila!  Organic seedling trays.  When it's time for planting, I simply gently peel or crush and peel away some of the shell and place the whole thing in the soil.  That is, of course, as long as the seedlings manage to survive the cats prowling every night for a weak cover to the seedlings (I have discovered that my cats can devour a whole tray of seedlings in one night).

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