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Aligning Your Chakras with Your Intentions and how Yoga can help (guest post)

  Yoga is a practice used to harmonize the body with mind and breath through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.  At the beginning of each yoga class, it is common to set an intention for the practice, which acts as a metaphor to translate your practice off your mat and into your life.  Specifically, an intention brings awareness to a quality or virtue you wish to cultivate both on and off your mat.  Examples include love, forgiveness, letting go, self-compassion, grounding, and balance.  This intention can ultimately be a vehicle that makes yoga an aspect of your lifestyle, rather than something you do just for exercise.  Chakras are energy centers within your body that are responsible...

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Custom Jewelry Ideas

Photo of a beloved pet Artwork (take a photo and upload image) Grandparent gift (photo of grandkids) Word of the Year - design your own or use our done-for-you designs  Custom client gifts - logo or thank you Income Goal - design your own or use our done-for-you designs Pet Memorial Gift  Wedding favors Charity support - logo or event  Symbol or core desired feelings - transformation (dragonfly), wisdom (owl) Dream house or dream car Team Building - run team, committee, fundraising group Favorite flower from the garden - take a photo and put it on a snap or choose stock designs Chakra balancing - choose a medallion in the stone or colour of your chakra  Wedding announcement Wedding bouquet...

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Looking for lasting change? Stop making Resolutions and do this instead!

What does living your best life look like?  What changes do you want to make in 2017?  Have you made resolutions in the past, only to come up short? Many people find that choosing an intention creates more meaningful transformation than making specific resolutions.  We all want to achieve our dreams.  How does a “word of the year”, or an intention, help us get there? Is that enough?  How does this connect with making goals?    What is the difference between a goal and an intention? Goals are focused on the future, with a specific, intended outcome.  A goal might be to run a race in under one hour, or to attain a certain sales target.  Setting an intention is...

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Regifting 101. Be a Gifting Queen this Holiday

Who wants to bet this is another fruitcake? Hands up if you have ever regifted a present.  I know I have. Mostly I didn't feel badly about regifting gift cards and booze.  I mean, it's not like they put a ton of thought into the present, right?  Sometimes it feels like I'm just exchanging cash with friends, which doesn't feel as genuine to me.  Thoughtful gifts? Regardless of value, these are so precious, even if they hold no face value to anyone else. How do you feel about your gifts getting re-gifted?  If you don’t care then I am going to be bold and accuse you of giving up on being an amazing gift giver.It's never too late to learn...

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Confessions of a Proud Instagram Loser

On Halloween my mother in law came for a visit. It's a super fun time for her to come and see the kids in their sugared-up and dressed-up glory.  I'm really lucky, my mother in law is easy to get along with.  While she was here, I felt guilty working when the kids were at school.   I felt like I was having half-conversations with her as I had one eye on whatever I was working on. One day I took her along to a sales call in the country. We had a great time, and she walked around the quaint town while i was on my call. After the meeting, we went for coffee and sat outside enjoying the...

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