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 Whoooo Wants to Be Hooty at Hallowe'en

Ok I know this title leaves something to be desired.  But the styles we have for Hallowe'en will blow your socks off.

Want to add some Hallowe'en flair to a work outfit? Add a Hallowe'en themed medallion to your favorite Yoshi-Bella piece to instantly and affordably add some spooky style to your outfit.

Costume seems.....unfinished?  Our Hallowe'en Collection gives you all the choices you need for a sexy, cool and multipurpose jewelry accessory that will be beautiful any month of the year.  Owls, Cats, Dragons, Pumpkins, Spiders and more!

Check out our Sweet Pea Scarf Choker - use a Black Cat Medallion for Hallowe'en, then on November 1 change out the cat for a Sparkle Tiered Medallion for only $7 CAD to give you an elegant evening look for Holiday Parties.  Or, tie the scarf to your dog leash and dress up your pooch for the day.

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